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Initiated and supported by the Beach Community Energy Cooperative, the Glassworks Cooperative is being designed by its future residents, local and social entrepreneurs. The eco-village is being created to benefit the Owen Sound community by: 

  1. Creating a Land Trust to protect a part of Owen Sound in perpetuity to ensure young and old have access to housing, education and opportunity in Owen Sound as it grows

  2. Developing LEED-certified housing for students, individuals, families and seniors – both market and affordable – in partnership with community stakeholders in response to identified needs

  3. Supporting economic development through the building of collaborative, 21st century manufacturing spaces and the first local food processing facility of its kind in Owen Sound, and

  4. Providing renewable energy at scale with the Beach Community Energy Cooperative, to ensure energy security and helping the region to meet its United Nations Sustainable Development targets

We recognize the local needs for more housing options for seniors, students and families. At the same time we recognize the need for urgent innovation in the way we build, live, and get around in order to ease our impact on the climate.


We believe ecological, social and economic sustainability are complementary goals.

Protecting a part of Owen Sound land from speculation in perpetuity  through a Land Trust, financing through RRSP-eligible community and green bonds, and maintaining cooperative ownership of the development will all help to ensure Glassworks’ affordability.


The governance structure of the Glassworks Land Trust with leases to Glassworks Cooperatives and partners will ensure local investment and control of land and resources.