The co-operative model is a proven way for people with needs to create and maintain large assets like housing and social enterprises while keeping decision-making and investment local.


The Glassworks vision reimagines how we live, work and learn, creating an umbrella co-operative under which associated co-ops will operate specific functions, including (but not limited to!):

  • Housing

  • Local food processing

  • Sustainable energy generation


Senior housing, student housing, market and affordable housing would each have their own interconnected organizational structures in order to best address the specialized needs of members. The mixed approach strengthens community building, and the sharing of resources.

Opportunity exists to spin-off a pop-up factory and local green housing social enterprise and apprenticeship as part of the site development process.


Local Food

Supporting the local agriculture community, Glassworks will encompass a cooperatively-owned local food processing facility where small agri-food businesses can easily access  fully equipped commercial kitchens to preserve, process and distribute their goods as value-added products.


The Glassworks vision is to derive all of its energy from sustainable sources on site including an industrial-scale  solar farm. The goal is to be a sustainable energy generator for not only the development, but also for the Owen Sound community.  The renewable energy cooperative will be member-controlled and through green bonds will provide RRSP-eligible, socially responsible  investment opportunities that build local capital. Glassworks is partnering to administer this investment opportunity.



Glassworks envisions the selection of a site and design of all development to support walking and cycling, reducing our carbon footprint and enhancing well-being. Destination EV charging stations are in the plan as well, stimulating tourism to the eco-village. An electric vehicle carshare cooperative would be a natural fit for Glassworks and provides an economic development opportunity that could benefit Owen Sound as a whole.