There are many examples of wonderful community-based sustainable developments from all over the world that are inspiring our thinking as we design Glassworks:

Regen Villages

in the Netherlands have caught the imagination of the sustainable building community.  With a focus on food production and self-sufficient energy and waste management systems, this 100 home ecovillage is breaking ground this summer


is the UK’s first large Scale, mixed-use eco village with 100 homes, and office space college and community facilities.

The Mount

in Peterborough, historic home of the Sisters of St. Joseph,  is a successful mixed use affordable housing project and community food hub which was designed to enrich the lives of the residents with a social services hub focused on growing health through good food and community building.


Co-housing does not mean having roommates, but offers an opportunity to co-design your neighbourhood to support the kinds of community-building and resource-sharing that make a welcoming, lively community.

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