Glassworks Co-Design: Round One Round-Up!

Almost 300 attendees and 12 guest speakers participating in our initial round of learning and discussion brought great insights to the membership on topics of renewable energy, universal design and aging in place, and affordable sustainable building material and design options.

As we develop our next, more detailed round of design sessions to launch later this spring, looking closely together at site plan options, building design, and decision-making structures, we wanted to collect all of the great learnings from our first 5 sessions in one place, so here you go!


with guest speakers Shirley John (Saugeen First Nation), Kris Stevens (Cohousing Options Canada), and Philly Markowitz (Grey County)

We are honoured to have the wisdom and blessing of Shirley John, Strong White Buffalo Woman guiding this extraordinary project and look forward to fruitful developing partnerships with local First Nation organizations as the project develops

Philly Markowitz, Local Food Economic Development Officer for Grey County has been a champion of Glassworks since its inception. See how Glassworks fit into County goals for sustainability, housing affordability, agriculture and more as part of our presentation.

Kris Stevens, Executive Director of Co-housing Options Canada, has been a wonderful resource to Glassworks for understanding housing options, ownership models and governance structures. Check out their About Co-housing page for a great overview of this inspiring model which may guide aspects of Glassworks.