Shared goals: Our North Star

Developing a community is complex and full of risk. But what brings us -- and holds us -- together as members of Glassworks Coop is a shared vision for the future we want, and the will to create it. All members of the Glassworks Coop agree when they join to uphold these goals, and are thus guided to achieve a future that is full of hope.

Aurora Borealis over Georgian Bay
Aurora Borealis over Georgian Bay

1. Mission statement: why do we exist?  Glassworks Co-op exists to create net-zero, affordable, multigenerational living and an economic development project that benefits Owen Sound as a whole. Glassworks Land Trust exists to hold a part of Owen Sound real estate in perpetuity with lands subdivided and/or leased for development in accordance with Glassworks Co-op’s Mission, Values and Vision. 2. Core values: what do we believe in?  Glassworks Co-op values:

- resiliency

- environmental championing

- regenerative agriculture

- mutual respect of members

- multigenerational, diverse and accessible

- co-operative education and outreach

- consensus building

- a commitment to decolonization efforts and a willingness to collaborate with local Indigenous communities and initiatives - design for people, not cars

- a mix of co-living / shared amenities with modest living units and more luxurious market units- co-design process

- autonomy and local control of lands and shared access to commons/natural resources and desirable land features (including water access) therein 

3. Vision: what kind of future do we want? Glassworks Co-op believes in a future where people of all ages and different means can learn, work and live, with voluntary mutual support in a beautifully designed, net zero community.