We are a small & mighty not for profit organization dedicated to a cooperative model; a proven way for people  to work together to create and maintain large assets like housing and social enterprises while keeping decision-making and investment local.

With both sustaining monthly and annual gifts you become a Glassworks member.
Membership in the Glassworks community means you believe in our mission and vision, support the projects we engage in, are invited to attend gatherings and workshops offered, participate in committees, and vote at our Annual General Meeting. 

Membership-both annual & monthly- is renewed each year. 

The definition of "member & membership" will evolve as Glassworks grows from vision to brick and mortar and we look forward to sharing this evolution with you. All are welcome to become a member and we confirm membership at monthly Board of Directors meetings.

At Glassworks we believe everyone who wants it, should be able to become a member, regardless of their ability to pay for it. To eliminate financial barriers to community participation in Glassworks membership, our equity pricing model asks those who can afford to pay more, to do so, as to offset costs for those experiencing economic hardship.
All annual and monthly membership plans have access to the same benefits.

Choose the level that best suits your life.

Sustainer Options