About Glassworks

Glassworks was initiated as a project of the Beach Community Energy Cooperative of Toronto. With BCEC's support, Glassworks has evolved into a brand new cooperative that includes founding board members from BCEC and Owen Sound. This new cooperative will establish a Land Trust, acquire and develop the Glassworks Cooperative development in partnership with BCEC. Interested? Get involved.

The Beach Community Energy Cooperative

The Beach Community Energy Cooperative's first project was the successful implementation of solar energy atop Kew Gardens Public School in Toronto. As a result, BCEC are the winner of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association’s (OSEA) 2017 Powering Prosperity Awards for ‘Community Developer of the Year’. BCEC board members, Jiri Skopek, and Robert G. Spencer, are members of the Glassworks' founding board. 

Owen Sound, ON, Canada

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